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2 Facebook pages for reporters

Posted in Uncategorized by duane9 on December 11, 2008

This article says reporters should have two Facebook pages, one for work and one for family/friends. The reason for having two pages is that reporters need a separate page for fans of their work.

It makes sense. The information you share with fans is different than the information you would share with those close to you. And it’s likely, because of the number newspaper readers out there (I’m serious. There still are plenty of them.), fans would overrun a Facebook page originally intended for friends and family. As a behind-the-scenes person at the Review-Journal, I happily don’t have to worry about large numbers of fans overrunning my Facebook page. Feel free to check it out.

Also check out this article about why journalists should use Facebook in the first place. Both articles are from Poynter and are a little old — from 2007 — but still have a lot of useful information.

And here are a bunch more articles from — where else — Poynter about Facebook.

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